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  • Erica Verrillo

    Erica Verrillo

    Helping writers get published and bolstering their flagging spirits at http://publishedtodeath.blogspot.com/

  • Sarah Cam

    Sarah Cam

    Writer of stories, essays, screenplays, and everything in between. Currently working on a novel. A little too inspired by trauma and drama. She/Her.

  • Bekki


    Over-educated, under-employed, bookworm, knitter, casual gamer, photographer, Christian, wife, mother. I am me. I am loved. I mostly tweet about babies.

  • Byte the Book

    Byte the Book

    A membership organisation helping writers, publishers and readers navigate the changes to publishing in the digital age

  • BBC Academy

    BBC Academy

    We put training and skills at the heart of the BBC and the industry to help meet the challenges of an ever-changing media world.

  • Adelina Chalmers a.k.a The Geek Whisperer

    Adelina Chalmers a.k.a The Geek Whisperer

    Helps Engineers who are Leaders (CEO/ CTO/ VP) get buy-in from their peers/teams/investors by transforming Communication techniques into Algorithms

  • The Vone

    The Vone

    Lead singer of The Vone. Here to tell you some stories!

  • Mark Hampton

    Mark Hampton

    Award-winning actor & filmmaker. Movie-lover. Future Oscar winner. Aggressive fantasist. http://www.imdb.me/markhampton

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